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27,8%Team *
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Token name: SNOV Pre ICO: 4 Sep 2017 – 30 Oct 2017 Main Token Sale: 31 Oct 2017 – 30 Nov 2017 Tokens issued: 2.5bln tokens Initial price per token: 0.01 USD Total supply: 651,129,644 SNOV
SNOV smart contract address: 0xbdc5bac39dbe132b1e030e898ae3830017d7d969

*All team tokens are locked till December 2018

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Each Snovio user receives 3% cash back in SNOV tokens for every purchase.

Сhallenging the way lead sourcing works

The platform will help overcome the main challenges faced when searching for quality leads and valuable assets for businesses.

Finding the required contact data will become much easier and faster. Clients will be able to find even the most specific groups of people according to any number of complex criteria.

Another challenge that will be met by Snovio, is the poor quality of leads. Usually, a client sending an email campaign can get up to a 40% bounce rate and a large list of nonexistent phone numbers. Snovio will provide access to the most up-to-date data along with the possibility to check the information for relevance. It will solve the problem of selling irrelevant contacts.

Snovio will also regulate the price for one lead in a decentralized manner, distribute reward between contributors, and provide transaction transparency through its innovative Marketplace.


May 2017
Project Launch
Snovio platform and Chrome Extension for contact searching
June 2017
Verifying and Updating Data
Launching email address verification function
October 2017
Launch ICO
February 2018
New Level
Database growth to 1,000,000 profiles
February 2018
Find technologies used on websites you visit
2018 Q1
Blockchain Marketplace Launch
Platform will connect businesses and Data Research Analysts. Powered by smart contacts and SNOV tokens
April 2018
Ten-fold Growth!
Growing the lead database to 10,000,000 contacts
2018 Q2
Reach out to targeted leads and connect with professionals in crypto, tech and other niches. Get rewarded directly with crypto for being contacted
June 2018
Launch Proprietary Mailing List Module
Sending triggered emails on updates to contacts within the platform
2018 Q2
Email tracking
Let users know what happens after an email is sent with live notifications and comprehensive reports
2018 Q2
Email templates for cold emailing
Best selection of email templates that convert in various niches
2018 Q2
Data Enrichment
Receive a full profile of a person or a company by enriching partial data through API and Snovio app
2018 Q3
Website tracking
Snovio goes beyond emails and tracks how prospects interact with websites
2018 Q3
Form Builder
Engage and convert anonymous website visitors into hot leads.
2018 Q4
Live Chat
Convert prospects to hot leads and get higher conversion rates
2019 Q1
Content AI
Helps prospects make the right decisions by bringing correct and valuable information
2019 Q2
Lead Scoring
Rank leads, attribute correct value to them by tracking their engagement

The Team behind SNOV

Alexis Kratko
CEO & Founder
Julia Nasenok
Project Manager and Business Analyst
Rodion Yaremenko
CTO, Web Developer
Eugene Medvednikov
Daria Shevchenko
Sean Moeke
Outreach Spokesman/ Community Manager
Richard Sanders
Content writer
Alexander Zhadko
PM, Web Developer

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