Snovio tokensale team

Alexis Kratko
CEO & Founder
Has brought the platform from the idea development stage to 100 paying customers and financial sustainability in just 5 months.
Julia Nasenok
Project Manager and Business Analyst
Oversees the work of developers, is responsible for ensuring that important milestones are met on time and with appropriate quality.
Rodion Yaremenko
CTO, Web Developer
Creator of the high-level architecture of Snovio application. Has managed to build a fail-safe system, more than 14 persons are now working on, in several months.
Daria Shevchenko
Coordinates the marketing specialists and guides the web designers.
Alexander Zhadko
PM, Web Developer
Developer of the algorithm for data collection and search, and the platform’s feature of lead generation based on this data.
Yuri Arendar
PHP Developer
Developer of name and domain search, company and prospect extraction, and the possibility of searching through social media.
Dmitriy Shevchenko
Web Developer
Responsible for Snovio plugin operability, technically implements the ideas of the product functionality development. In particular, it is data output to admin panel.
Ihor Zhdanovych
PHP Developer
Develops Snovio mailing module and takes part in development of triggered email campaigns.
Alex Panok
QA engineer
Develops and executes exploratory and automated tests to ensure product quality.
Yaroslav Revenko
SEO&PPC Marketing Specialist
More than 5 years of experience in the Internet marketing field including working in projects in Poland, Canada, and the United States.
Taras Vasylenko
Front-End developer
Provides usable and good-looking UI and website enhancements.
Max Romanchuk
Senior UI/UX Designer
10 years of graphic design experience. Accompanying all stages of product development with professional design creation.
Richard Sanders
Content writer
A US Army combat veteran with work experience including Google and small business ownership. Rich has been in the blockchain space for over four years.
Julia Zubok
Marketing & Customer Care
In addition to addressing the issues of users working with Snovio daily, takes part in the project’s email marketing.
Mila Postol
Marketing Specialist
Has grown the Snovio audience to 30,000+ users in 2 months.
Valeria Borshch
Strategic Communications Manager
Thanks to the talent to forge relationships with important partners, Snovio is included in competent token sale listings.
Maryna Nalyvaiko
Speaker and Events Manager
Helps Snovio to participate in top innovation conferences.
Paul Shuteyev
Marketing Ninja
Develops marketing strategy and improves the product. Creator of the English content development and management strategy.


Renato Almeida
Brasília, Brazil
Advises on the issues related to jurisdiction, legalization and compliance. Former legal advisor of the and projects. Experienced community manager has worked on several blockchain related projects and formerly has engaged in the software development for Brazilian government where held executive positions. Lawyer postgraduated in Public Law and Constitutional Law.
Tomoaki Sato
Tokyo, Japan
Starbase Founder, passionate about bringing blockchain token financial technology for everyone easy to challenge new innovative projects. Pastly, Tomoaki did blockchain tech meetups in Japan in order to make the place to communicate between Japanese engineers and global engineers for more people to know about blockchain technology and the philosophy, "decentralization".
Alexey Girin
New York, USA
Advisor, venture capitalist, founder of Starta Capital fund and the first successful US-based accelerator for Western European projects, successfully conducted an ICO that raised $5 million to finance startups.
Eugene Medvednikov
Saint Petersburg, Russia
Experienced mentor and investor. Eugene helps Snovio with his experience and insight into what it takes to build a successful startup. • Angel investor 10+ investments
• Unisender x30 exit
• Insense
• Cindicator investor
Kairat Kaliyev
New York, USA
Founder of Cross Coin, which successfully conducted Starta’s ICO and attracted $5 million. Currently developing FinTech direction at Astana International Financial Centre, specializing in project development.

Escrow agent

Starta Capital
New York, USA
Escrow agent, guaranteeing Token buyers’ security

Technological partners

Token Rockets
New York, USA
Scales businesses through implementing Blockchain Technology